Friday, March 25, 2005

Bonus chaser me? But i dont do ring

Well after the dry run at 32red i fired some money into neteller and deposited $90 to chase Interpokers 100% match bonus.

I started off just playing sng's (which dont count towards the bonus lol) to make some cash then started playing some ring. Yesterday I was up $140 at the $.5/$1 tables today im currently sitting up $130 after this monster

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Matt_7184 [Qs Qd]
Mrteddie: calls $1
sksk: calls $1
Matt_7184: raises to $4
LadyCat: calls $3
Mrteddie: calls $3
sksk: calls $3
----- FLOP ----- [Qc 8c Ad]
LadyCat: bets $2/ Mrteddie: calls $2/ sksk: calls $2/ Matt_7184: raises to $113.47 and is all-in/ LadyCat: is all-in $33.25 /Mrteddie: is all-in $63.25 /sksk: is all-in $14
//I got them all covered :P
----- TURN ----- [Qc 8c Ad][Qh]
----- RIVER ----- [Qc 8c Ad Qh][5h]

Quad queens for $198.25 Main pot $77.50 Side pot #1 $57.75 | Side pot #2 $60 | Rake $3

Im still
playing ring games as if I was playing tight in a tournament (say early stages) and it's paying off. Only another 200 raked hands to go for that $90 go me!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

My not so great week.

Not been the best of weeks this week. Last weekend i battled so hard to get another cash finish at the rounders tournaments on 32red. Round 1 was an epic struggle , round 2 was comfortable, round 3 was so so and round 4 i bubble out. BUBBLE OUT!! A blind steal with 99 runs into QQ still hurts. I know poker players say they can eliminate themselves from their feelings which i can most of the time but that stomach punch you get when you get the popup on the screen saying "You finished in 6th place" when the top 5 go through is heartbreaking. Also in the chat box the players congratulating themselves kinda sucks.

So I cheer myself up by going to the Maybury casino to play their sunday £10 NL R&A. My inexperience shows at B&M tournaments until I settle into my seat I feel so nervous one particular hand shows it.

Its quite early on maybe 2 or 3 orbits and Im in the SB with Jc8s with 2 limpers behind me and decide to raise 3 x BB. (loose i know but ive got this crazy ass internet player unpredictability going for me) the BB calls as do the two limpers.

FLOP 9c Qd 10c

so its checked round to me and im thinking im still in cyber space i reach for my chips then go to check then reach for my chips again then finally wrap the table.

BB bets 3 x BB as do the two limpers and i push. Get two callers (forgot what they had) 3 players all in by that time two rags on 4th and 5th street and i take a big pot.

A couple of regulars commented on the skill of that bluff and when i tried to tell them i didn't mean it they just laughed LOL.

I go on to finish 26th out of 70 which I was happy with for my 4th B&M visit. I overplayed JJ and ran into a nut flush :E.

Theres always next week though :)

PS it looks like ill be going to the oxford poker cup in may :) Ill keep everyone up to date

Monday, March 07, 2005

Where I am today

Man that was a long intro Sorry.

Where I am today well I am an exclusively NL Tournament Player, SNG's being my forte so to speak.

Last month my profit was $2900 (At one point my initial deposit was down to $7) I then went on to cash three round 5's in the Prima Rounders tournaments $1200,$800 and $800. The structure for this is There are 5 rounds each with buyins that go up and up. Like a sort of cup tournament You can find info about them on the prima poker website (

I used this money to buy things that I need put a large chunk away for a holiday etc and left a little bit for a bankroll. Hence the blog ( I see it as a way of record keeping and charting my success[heres hoping]) .

This issue im going to set my Years goals.

1- Make a steady side income from poker ( Even if it is only $200 extra a month on top of my wages i will still be a happy bunny).

2- Play as many sattellites as I can to get into a major buy in tournie (WSOP anyone?)

3- Play in a couple of UK land based tournaments (perhaps Edinburgh,Glasgow,Dundee..)

4- Learn as much as I can from Forum posts and books.

I find other peoples poker blogs very interesting to read and thought it might be an idea to create my own. I hope you will enjoy reading about my experiences as much as I enjoy experiencing my experiences LOL.


A little bit about me and my poker life.

Ok so Im a 21 year old Male from Edinburgh Scotland . My chosen career path is IT and currently work on the IT helpdesk for a major Scottish Newspaper. I have a lovely girlfriend of 18 months who means the world to me and who helps me with staying calm and playing through losses at poker.

I wanted to keep the personal stuff short as it is meant to be a poker blog.

Anyway I started playing back in May 2004 when I heard a couple of chaps from my old work (hi kev and ross) talking about a freeroll on totalbet. I was intrigued and decided i wanted to try this whole money for nothing thing. Internet money making sounded good :D So I googled texas Holdem and found the rules and that was pretty much it. I played a few freerolls and eventually won one at interpoker. It was amazing.At the start I was teaching my flat mate how to bluff and was in MP with 3 limpers with 3s6s. I was telling him this hand was junk and pushed my starting stack of 1500 into the middle. I got 5 callers. I won with a rivered spades flush. Think i beat AA , and AK along the way. I went on to win that tournament and won $200 for my troubles. That was gone in 3 days playing 2$/4$ ring. Again as I said i hadn't picked up any of the basics.

Then for a long time nothing happened.....

Couple of months down the line some things did happen I found a couple of forums where I could learn about Poker and strategies and it really did open open a whole new world to me. There was soo much strategy behind it I had completely missed. I was under the impression it was 25% strategy 75% luck but oh how wrong I was.

Anyway the forums are and still were invaluable sources of information the first Is run my poker pro Matt Hilger. Also another great resource of this time almost solely UK players.

I then went on to buy my first Book Super System a course in Power Poker by Doyle Brunson I read this through and found some invaluable information. I also started watching Poker on Challenge TV which showed the WSOP, WPT etc etc.

Anyway this is getting a bit long. Ill cut it down

Other books ive read

Play Poker like the pros - Phil Hellmuth
No Limit Texas Holdem for Beinngers - Mcevoy and Daugherty
Sklanskys Tournament Play for Advanced Players (STPFAP)- David Sklansky
Super System 2- Doyle Brunson
Caro's Book of Tells- Mike Caro
Just about to start Harrington on Holdem Vol 1 : Dan Harrington.

Anyway this post is a bit long dont think many will choose to read it so ill skip to another post.