Saturday, March 19, 2005

My not so great week.

Not been the best of weeks this week. Last weekend i battled so hard to get another cash finish at the rounders tournaments on 32red. Round 1 was an epic struggle , round 2 was comfortable, round 3 was so so and round 4 i bubble out. BUBBLE OUT!! A blind steal with 99 runs into QQ still hurts. I know poker players say they can eliminate themselves from their feelings which i can most of the time but that stomach punch you get when you get the popup on the screen saying "You finished in 6th place" when the top 5 go through is heartbreaking. Also in the chat box the players congratulating themselves kinda sucks.

So I cheer myself up by going to the Maybury casino to play their sunday £10 NL R&A. My inexperience shows at B&M tournaments until I settle into my seat I feel so nervous one particular hand shows it.

Its quite early on maybe 2 or 3 orbits and Im in the SB with Jc8s with 2 limpers behind me and decide to raise 3 x BB. (loose i know but ive got this crazy ass internet player unpredictability going for me) the BB calls as do the two limpers.

FLOP 9c Qd 10c

so its checked round to me and im thinking im still in cyber space i reach for my chips then go to check then reach for my chips again then finally wrap the table.

BB bets 3 x BB as do the two limpers and i push. Get two callers (forgot what they had) 3 players all in by that time two rags on 4th and 5th street and i take a big pot.

A couple of regulars commented on the skill of that bluff and when i tried to tell them i didn't mean it they just laughed LOL.

I go on to finish 26th out of 70 which I was happy with for my 4th B&M visit. I overplayed JJ and ran into a nut flush :E.

Theres always next week though :)

PS it looks like ill be going to the oxford poker cup in may :) Ill keep everyone up to date


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