Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tough month and gutshot visit

Hey guys apologies for the lack of post for the 2 weeks. Has been a very tough month play wise. Down about 300xBB so its kinda tough. Next month will be back with avengeance also got the Oxford poker cup on 8th May where none other than WSOP champ GREG RAYMER will be playing (I've heard this rumour in faith by someone in touch with the organizer may or may not be true).

Also while down in london at the weekend spent a night at the gutshot poker room, It kinda sucked profit wise although was great fun.

Played in their freeroll with 60 odd entrants went out at about the half way mark.

Sat down at a PL table 25min - 50 max blinds 50p / £1 , fold for almost all the first orbit then pick up Kings in the button.

With four limpers in front of me im knowing its gonna be juicy so i bet the pot get 4 callers.

Flop of Ks Ah 7s.

Jackpot. The pot is bet out twice in front of me 3rd guy folds and reraise the pot putting me all in for £48 ish.

The other two still have a little money and get it in on the turn of the




First caller showed 5s 8s other showed AQ.

Pot was over £160.

Probably one of my worst bad beats ever , im sure ill get worse.

Lovely place nice atmosphere. One guy was back chatting alot and probably got his head kicked in at the end of the night. From what I heard he probably deserved it.

I'll keep everyone posted on my time at the Oxford poker cup.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fame! I wanna live forever (well kinda)

Today I was featured in the Edinburgh Evening News's feature on poker.

Read it for yourself here .

Poker wise it was a bit up and down. I fired $100 back into neteller went $200 up lost $200 decided to move the cash somewhere else so i've put money in Pokerstars and Full tilt. Im feeling i need to play more tournaments. I managed to come 21st/356 on interpokers $4k GTD but it was only good for $38.

Ill keep everyone posted.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

a wee cough (week off)

Well it has been a week without poker being down in a cottage in dorset for a week for a well earned break. However since I aint posted for 2 wks ive still got a week of poker to post about.

Interpoker Bonus chase: Finished at a total of $721 withdrew $650 back to neteller and left the remaining $71 to try and qualify for the wsop tournie. Spent today (sun trying that) Finished 3rd 3rd and 2nd. No good for a seat :/

So im back over at 32red rounders tournies while im waiting for the money to jump back into neteller then im gonna fire some money in party poker for their WSOP steps tournies.

Im really happy with the way i worked the inital $90 at interpoker up to $721 and ive filled up the free 1k hands in pokertracker so i think ill be investing in that. Nothing else to report really.