Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Oxford Poker Cup Report [LONG BUT A GREAT READ]

Making a full trip report for my blog here goes

Oxford Cup Trip Report Beginning to end.

Sat 7th May…..

1.15am Finally finish up work and head off home arrive home and play two hours of 0.50/$1 finish up $40 and get some shut eye around 3:30…..

5:50am Near enough smash my mobile phone after the alarm goes off but after a quick shower im feeling bright and breezy can feel the butterflies going around in my stomach .

7:10am Train departs Edinburgh Waverly bound for Oxford.

12:30pm Meet up with the first ITH’er as paulnico21 (paul) asks “ Are you suited?” Obviously reply yes and wonder until the Sunday how he realised it was me … Didn’t realise that Sklanskys TPFAP isn’t the norm reading for a Virgin train commuter. Have some banter about poker and what not. I try and get some kip but find that England’s noisiest and worst behaved kids are sat behind me and find the squeaking noise the tray table on the back of my seat the most fascinating noise and is repeated 4,231 times before we finally reach oxford.

1:30pm : Finally arrive in Oxford and myself and Paul get hurried off in Heyberts! (Mike) car to dump off bags at the randolf and head to new college. Get completely lost and end up getting a taxi to finally arrive to meet OohGravy!(shareef) who had been waiting on us for about 1hr poor guy.

We then try to find out what’s happening at new college which turns out to be nothing so we promptly head off to Greg Raymers talk in vain hope of being one of the first 60 seated we in fact are 200th and some more. Ah well.

3:00pm The talk itself mentioned *ok*rs**rs .com more times than I can remember and was really geared at making as many students sign up for *ok*rs**rs .com and spend their “hard earned” cash on that site. However it was quite an interesting listening to what was going through gregs mind on some of the key hands on the final table of the WSOP. Just for attending we got a small *ok*rs**rs .com goodie bad with a Cap, Stress toy, two decks of cards, a cash band (for keeping a roll of cash) and a cdrom which contains more than likely *ok*rs**rs .com software and to top it all off a poster of the fossilman itself… .

5:00pm We then head off to allbarone for some dinner I think I managed to neck three pints which was to prove eventful with 2 hrs sleep and no food until that time after that we head off to New college to see what action is going on.

Once we get there we hear that Greg Raymer finished 4th last in the freeroll, got his AK busted by K8. He was then taken through to where the cash games are going on where he proceeds to play heads up matches against random punters. Needless to say the matches did not last long.

6:00pm Seeing as all the cash games were full we decide to start our own 10p/20p NL table with a £20 buy-in. I must say it was the most fun live cash game I’ve ever sat in. I had the concentration span of a guppy and proceed to lose two buy-ins im having fun though so who cares?.
I also remember shouting out is "anyone here pokerdog from ITH?" remembering he came down the night before, five minutes later he's sat to my left asking if i was matt? lol He said he didn't hear me shout out? Not sure how i was definitely loud enough.

Couple of memorable hands:

Ive got a stack of about £17 after a rebuy and HeyBert! Opens for either 80p or £1.. my memory was quite bad at that time even though I’ve only had 5 pints by that time usually is not much by my standards. Anyway its folded around to me in the CO, I flat call with by 35o and the blinds get out the way. Heads up we see a flop of

5d 5s 9c

I check HeyBert bets £4 and I reraise to £8. He mucks and I show him the best starting hand in NL holdem.. he still wouldn’t tell me what he had.

2nd last hand of the night

Loose fishy player raises from UTG to about 80p folded round to myself on the button and I reraise to £1.60 with 10s 7s . He calls and we see a flop of something like Ks 4c As (might have been different) He goes all-in for £18-£19 I start laughing and announce “ I’m calling you , you know why? Cause I’ve got a flush draw and because im dealing im going to hit it on the river. I then call for my stack Ive got him covered just. he showed ajo i think

I then go on to deal the 4h then the 6s.

Cashing up I find myself with £45 and incredibly have only lost £5 for the whole night no idea what happened. I then head off to bed get very little sleep in my youth hostel… Why oh why did I not pay the extra £20 for a hotel.

Sunday 8th May (tournament Day)

I wake up at 9:30am far too awake after the lack of sleep get some breakfast then go register. I wander about town for a while as Im not meeting the rest of the ITH’ers til 11:30am. Oxford is a really nice city however there are bikes everywhere you really have to be careful im saying this after nearly losing a leg in a bicycle related incident! Lol. So about 11am I head back to the Randolph hotel where the tournament is being held and sit down at a £20 buy in 50p/£1 NL game. I sit tight for about 20 mins then find Black Rockets in MP. UTG makes it £2 to go, I raise to £6 the button moves all in for £11 UTG pushes all in for his last £25 and I call leaving a couple of £1 chips in front of me.

Cards are up its black queens for UTG , and A10 for the button a beautiful board ensures my Aces hold up and I rake in a nice pot. Play another couple of hands then cash out in time to meet up with everyone for lunch.

A further few names join us from yesterday added are the man who made it all possible for ITH to come down Pinky (andrew), Cybrarian (Neil), Lurpak ( forgot your name soz). We all head down to for a pub lunch and a drink or two before the action starts and get back to take our seats at about 2:40pm.

I found it weird that the seats weren’t drawn so it was sit where you like, My seat was right next to the exit so if I was making it out early I didn’t have far to go.

Sitting opposite me was one of the named celebrities visiting the event Ashley Revell, the man who sold everything including the shirt from his back cashed up and placed all the money raised on Red at a roulette table in the plaza. It did come up red good for over £150k and he got a sky one documentary to boot. He played in last years WSOP.

On his left was Mad Marty Wilson’s wife or girlfriend I think. She seemed like a solid player I am sure she had a lot of lessons from the man himself. She told an interesting story about how she had entered a Limit tournie instead of No Limit, phoning her man for advice he put her on to devilfish who was luckily sat next to him who then talked her through winning the tournament. LOL.

To my left was some pro cash player (I think) he didn’t seem to happy at the speed of the game and was trying to tell people when to fold to other peoples raises I didn’t like this at all I mean fair enough there were 3 complete fishes at the table but they didn’t need to feel tiny small and like they didn’t belong. He also didn’t seem happy with the slowness of peoples dealings.. When the majority play mainly online what was he to expect? The remaining 6 I have not mentioned were 4 fairly experienced Student players and 2 extremely fishy student players.

On to the action Round 1 25/25 Starting stack of 1k chips. Don’t see many cards at all, we have four flops with Queens in them when I see Qc2h in MP I call (as queens were HOT! Lol) and we’re three to the flop of Q 2 6 rainbow checked to me where I bet the pot the others fold. I show the Queen face up. Only hand I played that round along with one blind steal and I’ve got about 1250.

Round 2 25/50 Again I’m playing tight with selected agression and raise 3xBB A8o from MP all fold to a fish on the button who calls. Blinds get out the way and we are heads up to a flop of 3c 8d 6s, talking about tells he looked disgusted at that flop I bet out about 200 and he raises me the minimum? (ive seen him play Q7, J6, K2 and lose all of them so far) so I know im ahead when I push and am delighted when he calls with KJ. No help and I take my chip count slightly over 2k. The fish exits the tournament choosing not to reply

I push with JJ from the button with weak looking limpers, SB calls ( this so called pro-cash player) and the limpers fold. He shows JJ and we split the pot (not the first time im gonna be tying preflop)

The rebuy period is nearly over we can maybe squeeze in 2 more hands before this break. I find myself with 44 on the button with a min raise from MP(martys gf/wife). At this time if I play and lose ill have some chips with the chance to rebuy / add-on so will look at worst at 2000 chips so decide to push all in with my 2100. SB calls(pro cash player) with about 1100 chips and the min-raiser also calls for about 900. SB shows 1010 and MP shows J10. High stakes Pro-cash player exits tournament opting not to rebuy.

Again its always when im dealing and the first card I flip over is a 4c followed by 8c 7h Ks Qh respectively. MP shouts out she wins with a straight but after checking the board again I realise that she misread the board not me LOL. The rebuy period ends with a break and im sitting with roughly 4700 chips after an add-on.

After the break blinds of 50/100 and I get a total of two starting hands, AK from UTG raised to 150 with everyone folding (didn’t think I was respected that much). 88 from MP raised 3xBB when I had to lay it down to the rock of a BB’s push for half my stack. Not wanting to lose his rock like image he turned over two ladies and I pat myself on the back for a good fold.

75/150 I have seen no starting hands in a long time and the blinds are eating away at my stack. I limp in from MP with J9s 4 to a flop of 6s 8s 2s I bet out 5xBB in a bit to scare away the Ace of spades, One caller turn is a 2h I then bet out 8xBB he calls. Not got a read on him yet but after the turn call ive got a horrible feeling im beat. Turn brings the 4s I check the river to him and he bets out 4xBB I grudgingly call and he shows As2s Think I could have played this hand better comments accepted??

The blinds go up again twice and I don’t play a single hand starting to struggle and am relieved to get a break for some dinner.

I find Cybrarian, Pokerdog,Lurpark and pilchard outside the door and find its only myself and paulnico still in from those that I knew of.I told them id see them soon but id hoped I could prove myself wrong..

So getting no cards I go through another 2 blind levels and when It gets to 400-600 with AhKc from MP I decide to push with about 1100 chips left, get called by the button who has about 900 in chips who shows AdKd. No diamonds I shout as 2 hearts come off with the Ks. The turn a heart and the river a shiny shiny glorious heart and I suck out on the guy. Poor fella had only been at the table for 2 hands.

We finally get broken up this about 3-4hrs in to the tournament 5 of us at the table had been there since we started which was some feat and at that time we were all below the average stack which was about 5kish.

The blinds go up again and under the 7xBB factor im playing time to double up poker. I bust out AdQd with my AhQh flush.All in preflop.

Move tables again steal the blinds twice in a row with KQ, and 77 pushed from late position and am now finding myself about average stack for the first time since the first break. Ive got about 5k left theres 43 players remaining and the blinds are 800-1600.

The blinds have just gone up again and im UTG with 99 Ive got 4600 i think with the blinds now at 1000-2000 i cant afford to hit this blind and Im sure that I wont get a better hand than this my 2nd highest PP of the tournie and decide to push.

Folded round to the button who thinks for an eternity and calls. He shows Qd 10c

He had me covered by maybe 2000 max. Had I won this hand I could have started to play my game again but alas it wasn’t to be.

Flop came down 7 4 2 rainbow Qh turn something like 6 on the river I remember hoping that I was looking at the card upside down 

Ironic that I go out having the hand that is ahead preflop in an allin for the first time in the tournament.

I was extremely happy with my play in what I would say my first live poker tournament with decent opposition(I really cant count the times at be B&M as its just rebuy city and suckouts) and can’t wait for my next live tournament.

Before heading home I played a 25p/50p NL ring game and made another £50. Can’t grumble really.

Apologies for the length of the report.

Matt out.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Back in business and a MTT cash

Yup May is a glorius month.

Deposisted £25 into Ritz Poker (crypto) 1 week ago and today the roll sits and £246 thats 10x!! (almost) how's about that for ROI.

It all started playing a £5+1 MTT on the thursday morning 80 entrants I only go and come second!!! good for a £68 score. Should have won the bleeding thing as well, Mix up my play first to act heads up blinds are big now I raise 4 x BB with 23 o !!! (theres method in my madness), Villian flat calls. We see a flop of 2 3 Q rainbow. I raise 4x BB he goes all in.

He shows the measly Q 10.

Turn Jh

River Jc and im counterfitted!!! harsh i know... but my heads up play is outstanding just now and its showing mainly in my sng's im 4/4 1 x 20 and 3 x 10 dollar tournies cashed in all 4 3x1sts and 1 second at the $10 level.

The rest of the cash has been made playing .5/$1 ring where i am feeling totally comfortable again after last months downfall.

Ive studied poker tracker over and over again and I realised i was semi bluffing far too much at draws and then bluffing far too much when id missed. That coupled with trying to play sheriff against a maniac PF raising everytime (i only push with my KK to see his AA for my entire stack), and also AA losing to a rivered flush for my entire stack. It pretty much explained my losses.

So Im feeling so good about my play again my reads are spot on and im switching gears smoother than a well lubed gear box on a very fast car (who knows if that sentence made sence or not [also is it just me or do i use too many bracketed explanation type things] but hey I didnt get my higher english at school).

Next stop Oxford and the Oxford Poker cup.. Ill be leaving saturday morning, spend some time there with smaller cash games a small tournie and hopefully a freeroll with the WSOP greg raymer before the big event on the sunday.

£20 rebuy tournie 250 entrants.

Cant WAIT!!

Ill post a full trip report when I get back and maybe learn about punctuation and grammar.