Thursday, May 05, 2005

Back in business and a MTT cash

Yup May is a glorius month.

Deposisted £25 into Ritz Poker (crypto) 1 week ago and today the roll sits and £246 thats 10x!! (almost) how's about that for ROI.

It all started playing a £5+1 MTT on the thursday morning 80 entrants I only go and come second!!! good for a £68 score. Should have won the bleeding thing as well, Mix up my play first to act heads up blinds are big now I raise 4 x BB with 23 o !!! (theres method in my madness), Villian flat calls. We see a flop of 2 3 Q rainbow. I raise 4x BB he goes all in.

He shows the measly Q 10.

Turn Jh

River Jc and im counterfitted!!! harsh i know... but my heads up play is outstanding just now and its showing mainly in my sng's im 4/4 1 x 20 and 3 x 10 dollar tournies cashed in all 4 3x1sts and 1 second at the $10 level.

The rest of the cash has been made playing .5/$1 ring where i am feeling totally comfortable again after last months downfall.

Ive studied poker tracker over and over again and I realised i was semi bluffing far too much at draws and then bluffing far too much when id missed. That coupled with trying to play sheriff against a maniac PF raising everytime (i only push with my KK to see his AA for my entire stack), and also AA losing to a rivered flush for my entire stack. It pretty much explained my losses.

So Im feeling so good about my play again my reads are spot on and im switching gears smoother than a well lubed gear box on a very fast car (who knows if that sentence made sence or not [also is it just me or do i use too many bracketed explanation type things] but hey I didnt get my higher english at school).

Next stop Oxford and the Oxford Poker cup.. Ill be leaving saturday morning, spend some time there with smaller cash games a small tournie and hopefully a freeroll with the WSOP greg raymer before the big event on the sunday.

£20 rebuy tournie 250 entrants.

Cant WAIT!!

Ill post a full trip report when I get back and maybe learn about punctuation and grammar.


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