Sunday, June 19, 2005

New goals

Apologies for the length of time since the last post been on summer hols in Egypt with the now fiancee (we got engaged on hols).

Pokerwise it was a bit dry prior to going. After cashing out the roll of about $1.4k to go on hols I managed to find an old 0.87c lying in Paradise.

In the space of a weekend i turned it into $160 which was nice. Included in this was a 15th place finish in the Seahorse $60 MTT. Think there were about 300 runners and I went out with a decent stack when my all in with QQ was called by AJ... grr

Anyway cashed in a new role and have Im going to set out my poker goals for the rest of the year. A bit much I suppose but I have to keep pushing myself.

Ok my goals for the rest of 2005:

Learn Omaha8 Hi/Lo

Play in the live sattelite for the Scottish Poker Championships at the Gala Maybury (if there is one)

Try to win the $15k jackpot SNG's on Noble Poker

Try to qualify for the WPT paris

Try to get on the ladbrokes poker cruise in January

Not much huh?

I'll keep you posted.


At 7:30 pm, Blogger Martin said...

Matt - do the Omaha Hi/Lo. It's a game where the big difference in return is being reasonable at the game has a huuue advantage over those who are so-so at the game. And top-notch players haven't much of a skill advantage over the reasonable player.

PM me and I'll scan in a few tips - after that read SS2 (limit), apply it to PL (don't call a pot sized bet on the flop if you aren't prepared to pay another one at the turn etc) and Bob's yer uncle.



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