Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ok so i aint posted in a while but hey look at this:


Saturday, July 02, 2005

A learning Experience

Well I walked into the casino on thurs night handed over my ticket which was worth £1,000 then sat in my seat and I'll happily admit it to one and all I was nervous as hell.

In fact I'd been nervous since Monday night.

Double chance freezout meant we got 12,000 chips in two installments the first at the start then the second whenever. I needed my 2nd installment after 45 minutes.
Stack sizes me 5600 MP about 7000 neither of us had taken the 2nd batch of chips.

I raised 3xBB from UTG+1 with AJs one caller from MP

Flop came down A 2 3 two diamonds

I check he bets I raise and I get reraised... Here my head says fold because im outkickered , my heart says fold everything else says fold but someone lets call him Mr X seemed to be controlling me he says push. So i Did MP has AQo and im down to the felt.

Nothing much happens for a while I miss the nut flush getting the odds to call and lose a bit more.

Then the hand that sunk me,

I have about 2700 chips left blinds are 100/200. I raise to 600 total from UTG with Ako only the BB calls and he checks in the dark.

flop comes down K 2 Q rainbow.

Well im sure im ahead here and as its checked to me i check also. The turn is a Jack and he fires out 600 I instantly go all in and he calls and shows KQ.

My reasonsing behind pushing was a) i was short stacked b) i put him on AJ AQ or a lower pair 10's or lower.

Anyway river was also a Jack and i go out.