Sunday, September 18, 2005

PokerRoom GrandPrix $100+8

Vegas trip report and another big MTT cash

Man I could write an essay but ill keep it short and sweet I managed about 15-20 hrs of poker while I was there as there was just SO much to see and do plus i was with the future Mrs Jock and she finds poker boring.

We arrived at the Plaza on the saturday night at 11pm and were shattered and hit the sack.

Sunday Im up at like 6am and all excited!! so we head out and check out the shops and casinos downtown then head back to the hotel for breakfast. We then go up to the strip check out the big hotels and book show tickets for the rest of the week we saw splash , tournament of Kings and fantasy.

Sunday night I decide to play in the midnight madness tournament at the plaza $60 buyin for 1500 chips plus an extra 500 for $10. So I buy in for the 70 get past the first break with a wounded stack and eventually get them all in with A7s from the button which go down in fire to a pair of 99's from the big blind. A7s ironically was the best hand id had all tournament finished about 17/35. Play some 1/2 NL and win about $75. Up $5 for the night. Cant remember any notable hands hit the sack at 4am.

Monday Miss Jock goes horse riding out at sage brush ranch at red rock and i get a day of poker. Head to binions horseshoe play some NL 1/2 won $325 for about an hour and a halfs poker. Both times limping with small pocket pairs hitting a set and cracking Aces and Kings preflop. Man that was a juicy table I didnt want to leave but I went card dry and started to bleed off chips when I wasn't connecting with any flops. Head off for some food and wait at the plaza for Miss Jock to get back.

Tuesday she's off again and this time I decide to venture to the strip and have heard such good things about the MGM grand i decide to venture down. Sit down at 1/2NL with $200 and get my ass handed to be on a plate for the first hour or so. Bluffed out of a $140 pot with QQ when an Ace falls on the river completing a wheel and a flush and putting out two overcards. He pushed and should me QJ for high card Ace :| . But things turned around I raised to $25 from the button after 3 limpers with KK and get 1 caller. Flop comes down K2K i call down and get a raised called on the river for a decent sized pot about $150 - 200.

Then this hand happens. Im on the button with about $250 in chips EP (tight player) $10 to go MP2 and 3 call (both decent players with about 500 in front) Im on the button and find J10 suited and decide to call. Apart from the KK hand ive been making no major headways and have had been bluffed out 2-3 times of hands i was in front of.

Anyway flop comes down 2 9 Q rainbow. EP fires out $20 MP's both call and im looking 5 to 1 to call this with an oesd and a backdoor flush draw.. id be a fool not to.

Turn card is a K which completes the rainbow EP again fires out $20 two callers and I push ( i went for the whole weak means strong thing and figured i may get action from an over pair or a set). EP folds MP2 goes all in and MP3 calls.

River card was a 7 i flip up the nuts... Mp3 flips up J10 also and MP2 for the cameras mills around looks like he's going to much but turns up............... J10o I was gutted the pot was freaking huge and all we had done was share the EP's money.

I finished the session up about $20 it was a tough table.

My last day of poker was on the Thursday when the other half went for her last horseback trail. I was thinking about testing myself and sitting down with $500 for the $2-5 game at the bellagio but there was no buses and no taxis that i could see and after waiting about 40 minutes i decide to stay downtown. (probably a good idea as last time i played 2-5NL i got my ass handed to me). So i play some single table shootouts and the plaza $25 buyin 200 goes to first place 50 to the house. I run over the table and end up HU with an old woman I get 3 -1 chip lead and find aces in the big blind she goes all in and i insta call. Her Q10s turned into a flush, next hand i get KQs and push and her K7 rivered a 7.

Next one I run over the table again and get HU with a kid from Washington who was actually quite decent anyway i propose a deal and it got politely declined. I then raise 99 pf and get called. flop is 433 i bet half my stack he calls push when the turn comes a 4 and he showed 42. Im gone again.

I figure enough is enough and play a little cash game and lose a buyin after raising a fish all in on a 742 flop with 99. He undoubtbly caught his straight and that was that.

I want to go back!!!!!!

Also from an $11 qualifier i managed a tremendous ROI% coming 5th in the Pokerroom Grand Prix see above