Monday, November 21, 2005

New home

Well time has come to leave blogger and launch my own website... this will be my last post here... the new URL is

Hope to see you all there soon.


Saturday, November 05, 2005

B&M Success and oh I've booked my flights

How do you follow up winning a seat to the WPT?? By winning your first B&M tournie. Ok so we did a deal 3 handed but I had over 50% of the chips in play so I won right?

The £20 NL rebuy event had 46 runners (i think) and people were rebuying like crazy.. I finished the rebuy period with 14 times my starting stack and after 3 shorties went allin after the end of the rebuy period I gladly called with AA and never looked back.

Walked in to the Edinburgh Maybury with £60 walked out with over £1100 , £1050 from the poker and unbelievably £50 from £2 Min Bet blackjack. I don't really like blackjack but I've always got 1/2hr spare waiting for the tournie to start.

One crazy blackjack hand dealt 66 with the dealer showing 2. Split the 6's and received two fives. Doubled on both and received two kings. Dealer makes 20 :)

The main reason for me going to play last sunday was to get live practice.. I really need it. I gave away a strong scented tell one time with Kings and I was only given the blinds and also working out bets and pot sizes.

On a Non poker related note I am now clear of all my student debt solely thanks to big MTT wins...

Just counting down the days til Atlantis....